Mixer Setup

Behringer Xenyx QX1832USB

Basic wireing:


Mic 1 --> XLR Input 1

Mic 2 --> dbx286s --> Input 2

Tablet --> Input 9/10

PC Sound --> Input 11/12 (USB Main Mix out)

Skype Caller --> Input 13/14 (USB Skype out)

Mon Send --> USB (Skype in)

Main Out --> USB (Main Mix in)

Sub Group Out --> USB (Sub Grp)

Headphones/Speakers --> Phones Jack


The 3 different soundcards need to be configured seperately in your system (and OBS)!


This demonstration of my setup shows just the basics of wireing!!

You definitely must know what you are doing - especially when configuring the soundcards to your PC!!

I'm not responsible if anything unwanted happens! If you are not familiar with these kinds of setups, please consult a professional!

You could damage or destroy your system, mics, speakers or ears.